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(virtual edition), Germany
InnoTrans BUSINESS DAYS - Networking & Partnerships
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Open until 30 December 2021


Find new partners for commercial, technological or research collaborations in an efficient and targeted way. Planned meetings offer the opportunity to get in touch with future business partners.
The Online - Business Meetings are open to all interested stakeholders of the transport technology sector, especially from the railway industry.
The meetings take place virtually via the video conferencing functionality of B2Match.


    1. Register for Online-Business Meetings until 23 September 2022
    2. Set up a meaningful cooperation profile (request or offer). 
      The profile should point out your core competencies/core tasks. Moreover, it should describe which kind of cooperation you are looking for. The sooner you set up your profile, the more meeting requests you will receive. Your profile will be published and promoted on this website and everyone has access to it before, during and after the event.
    3. Select partners for bilateral meetings. 
      Until 23 September 2022 you can send meeting requests to other participants who you would like to talk to during the event.
    4. Accept or decline meeting requests.
      Incoming meeting requests have to be accepted, otherwise they cannot be scheduled. Of course you can also decline meeting requests or keep them as pending if you want to accept later on. 
    5. Meet your future cooperation partners.
      As soon as you are logged in, your meeting plan is visible in detail, with details of your meeting partner and the day and time slot. You can check the status quo of your meetings at any time online or via the b2match app (iOS/Android)
    6. Make sure to show up on time!
      Via your dashboard you have access to all your meetings, which you actively start as a video conference via this.

    Please click HERE in the agenda plan to view possible meeting slots.


    (virtual edition), Germany

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